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Thursday, 10 May 2012

How to Fix Damaged Nails ft. OPI

I've always had really rubbish nails, but it never really bothered me until I hit about 19 when I discovered beautiful nail colours. I started having gel nail extensions for a year or so but it got so expensive that I stopped but was left with my old rubbish nails. I don't really drink milk so therefore don't have a lot of calcium in my diet but even after taking loads of different supplements discovered it wasn't anything to do with my diet-my nails are just crap!

My mother-in-law introduced me to OPI's Nail Envy a few years back as she swears by it. I gave it a go and was amazed with the results, and have re-purchased several times. It's an on-going nail strengthening treatment (as well as a base & top coat) that looks just like a nail polish but I swear, it does amazing things! Unfortunately, I got lazy and didn't keep up with applying the nail treatment. So, I've decided to try again and really go for it this time (as I may have made a sneaky Nails Inc purchase ;)) Here is the before shot of my nails:

As you can see, my nails are horrid; they are dry and flakey and any nail polish just looks dreadful on them and doesn't stay for very long without flaking off along with my natural nail.
This is the Nail Envy I will be using. It's the original formula, it also comes in matte. I will be using it along side the OPI Avoplex cuticle oil for some extra nourishment. OPI suggests using it on bare nails and the initial treatment of 2 coats and the every other day, add an extra coat. After a week remove all nail polish then start treatment again from scratch. I have just given myself a lushious manicure and applied the initial 2 layers of Nail Envy. This set that I purchased is available from QVC for £16.75. Well worth it in my opinion.

Watch this space for beauuuuutiful nails!


  1. i love opi so much its so amazing at everything i also love china glaze x

    1. Yeah I really do swear by OPI! Oh, I've never tried anything from China Glaze...anything you would recommend? x

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